Dr. Rosa Vercher Aznar.
Mentoring and psychotherapy.

“I coach you in your transformation process”

I am a University Professor, Researcher and Therapist. My eagerness to attain knowledge has made me train in the most varied branches of human knowledge, from Spirituality to Psychology, from Engineering to Ecology.
What I would like the most is accompanying you in your inner growth, so that you raise your level of consciousness, and consequently live a fuller and more purposeful life.
That is why I offer you a very personal and different way of accompanying you in your personal growth process, which has proven results.
On my website (rosavercher.es) there are the testimonies of some people I have accompanied.
I offer individual sessions (virtual and face-to-face), group accompaniment (empowerment, mindfulness, emotional dependence, ..) and training.

Tel. 655777634 Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.