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The masia Molinar is part of an integral agroecological project that combines:

  • An idyllic territory to isolate from the world.
  • A place to heal the daily stress.
  • A learning space with offers from various itineraries both in the farm and around.
  • A place to have fun.
  • An example of agroecology, combining organic farming with extensive livestock.
  • A solution to rural depopulation.


Masia Molinar has two main houses:
  • The current housing: that were the ancient blocks and barns.
  • The old mill building: the low part was formerly the animals' corrals and the top floor for the family.

The farm offers a unique experience by immersing yourself in a unique environment, which combines the modernity of the Masía with the tradition of the Molino Molinar.
La Masía is a 300m2 holiday home spread over two floors and surrounded by a beautiful garden. It maintains the structure of the old eras and stables, but it is completely renovated. It consists of an entrance, 5 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, several living rooms, kitchen, etc.
You can rent the entire house or just rooms.


El Molinar offers various activities, including a tourist itinerary that shows the rich agro-ecological and ethnographic heritage that this area has.

The route is made up of four circuits, each with its own peculiarities.
It takes place between beautiful landscapes and immense historical remains, tradition and customs of the region.
You can enjoy a peaceful and isolated atmosphere, surrounded by nature. It is an accessible route for all people.


Psychological therapy and mentoring

Dra. Rosa Vercher Aznar
Master in Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology from the University of Valencia
Diploma in Bioneuroemotion
Ericonian hypnosis


Agro-ecological project

The farm, located between the provinces of Castellón and Teruel, has arable land, pastures and forests.

The houses and most of the land are located in the region of Els Ports (Castellón), although part of the land belongs to the region of El Maestrazgo (Teruel).

Both regions are bordered by the river Tornos, which runs through the whole estate, and generates a riverside forest around it.

It is now an agro-ecological farm. It is now an agro-ecological farm, combining traditional know-how with the most up-to-date knowledge. It is based on ecological agriculture, forestry and extensive livestock farming, in a project shared with neighbouring farmers and livestock breeders.


Tourism in the area

The area has a very attractive historical, cultural and artistic heritage.
The first traces of human settlement date back to prehistoric times. It was an inhabited territory from this period, as can be seen in the various cave paintings that have been preserved. There are also several sites of Iron Age settlements, as well as from the Iberian-Roman period, most of them still to be excavated.
Precious finds of Iberian pottery were found throughout the area, as well as stone huts and walls still in a good state of preservation.
Many of the current villages and farmhouses have a medieval origin, and still preserve buildings from that period.

The Molinar farmhouse still preserves Romanesque and Iberian remains, which can be visited by prior reservation (see tourist itineraries).

The area was part of the ancestral Tetis Sea, which covered these lands in the Mesozoic era.
When walking around the estate it is common to see fossils in an excellent state of preservation (see tourist itineraries).

Walking through El Molinar you can find archaeological and historical remains and typical architecture of the region. Among holm oaks, junipers and junipers, you can observe cave paintings, fossils and remains of traditional architecture, and you will trace what history has left in this wonderful territory.


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