The Masia Molinar is an agroecological farm of 65 ha, located in the region of Els Ports (Castellón, Valencian Community), a rural area, from interior Mediterranean climate and environmentally healthy.

The farm belongs to Dr. Rosa Vercher Aznar, researcher and ecology teacher at the University (UPV): According to her own words: "My mission is to bring this wonderful surroundings to the Urbanites, which we need we are of spaces that sound us the body and soul "I am in love with this wonderful earth of the teacher and Els Ports, I adore their forests, ravines, rivers, eagles, sabinas, janks, truffles, ...: My objective is to be able to share my passion for nature and Ecology, as well as to value this beautiful and valuable territory, and contribute to its development.

El Molinar is an agroecological farm that combines agriculture and traditional livestock (extensive sheep grazing). Combines the sale of quality organic products, with sustainable tourism and nature. Likewise, it is a space to get away from the world and get into a place of silence, birds, butterflies and flow of the water from the river, which passes next to the main farmhouse.

It is an attractive place for its green and rocky landscapes. A perfect combination between nature and culture through natural spaces, endemic fauna and flora species, historical villages, archeology, paleontology, and spectacular local gastronomy.